Civil War Uniforms

Although "the Blue and the Gray" succinctly evokes the North and the South, in actuality, the uniforms of the Civil War soldiers were anything but "uniform"-neither in color nor any other facet. Uniforms of the Civil War fully explores this fascinating branch of military history, presenting an in-depth study of the many and varied uniforms worn by Northern and Southern soldiers.While the most notable feature of the uniform of the was, in fact, its regulation dark blue color, the Confederates had much more variation, with uniforms ranging from the familiar gray to "butternut." The many styles and colors worn by the South are presented in a state-by-state survey. The North is covered in similar depth, detailing the uniforms and equipment of the regular army, including infantry, cavalry, and artillery.Uniforms of the Civil WarUniforms is an especially rich source for reenactors and all Civil War enthusiasts

The Civil war weapon Civil war weapon is a tool used to apply or threaten to apply force for the purpose of hunting, attack or defense in combat, subduing enemy personnel, or to destroy enemy weapons, equipment and defensive structures. A weapon is therefore a device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force.[1] In general, they can be defined as the simplest mechanisms that use mechanical advantage (also called leverage) to multiply force.In attack, weapons may be used to threaten by direct contact or by use of projectiles. Weapons can be as simple as a club, or as complex as an intercontinental ballistic missile. Metaphorically speaking, anything capable of causing damage, even psychologically, can be referred to as a weapon. More recently, non-lethal weapons have been developed for para-military, security and even combat use, designed to incapacitate personnel and reduce collateral damage to property and environment.

Civil War Uniform

Civil War Uniform

Black Powder and How To Make It

For over a thousand years, individuals made their own black powder, but then the technology was lost to the Industrial Revolution. This lost technology is now being brought back and made available once again.No chemical formula has had a more profound effect on the history of mankind than that of black powder. Even nuclear energy has not changed mankind to the extent that black powder has.For hundreds of years, the process of manufacturing black powder was a closely guarded secret. Black powder was a luxury item which was affordable to only the most powerful nations, and as such, has radically changed the history of governments throughout the ages. People have won their freedom from the tyranny of oppressive governments by the use of black powder in guns and cannon.The Industrial Revolution would not have happened as it did without black powder for mining coal and iron. Only black powder made possible the largest engineering projects of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The Civil War

The Civil War split the nation. It was the most bitter conflict within the United States. The source of the conflict between the North and the South resulted from fundamentally different ways of life. Economy in the South was heavily based on agriculture and growing cotton. The North was heavily industrialized with factories and manufacturing being central to the economy.Growing and harvesting cotton required large numbers of workers. This work force was made up of about 4 million slaves. By the 1800's, the African slave trade had become illegal. But existing slaves were not freed. Men and women of the North pushed to completely abolish slavery. The South feared that losing the slaves would have a severe economic impact on cotton plantations.Abraham Lincoln was against slavery. When he was elected President in 1860, seven Southern states left, or seceded, from the United States. They formed the Confederate States of America. On April 12, 1861, southern Confederate forces captured Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Four more states seceded, and the Civil War began.The Civil War consisted of more than 50 major battles and 5000 minor battles. In less than 5 years, more than 600,000 men were killed and hundreds of thousands of others were wounded. The Union army with more soldier and resources eventually overcame the Confederate army. On April 9, 1865, General Lee surrendered his Confederate troops.

Black Powder Guns

Black Powder Guns historic replica and model guns. Now, with our new line of real Black Powder firing Guns, we are excited to offer the opportunity to truly experience a piece of history. These functional black powder firing guns are reproductions of historic firearms that saw military action in America from the French & Indian War through the Civil War. The prominent role that Black Powder firearms have played in our history has been kept alive by hunters, shooting enthusiasts, and re-actors throughout the world. Collector’s Armoury is proud to have the opportunity to support your interest in black powder shooting and collecting.We invite you to review our line of Civil War and Colonial Black Powder Firearms and accessories. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. As always, we appreciate your consideration and look forward to serving you.No Federal Firearms License is required. These products can be shipped to U.S. locations only. Please check your local laws prior to purchase to ensure compliance. You must be 18 years old to purchase and 21 years old to sign for these products. Basic eye and hearing protection is included with the purchase of Black Powder guns.